As we age, our ears may enlarge due to a combination of factors including Genetics, weight gain, accumulation of wax and other contaminants, high blood pressure, and exposure to loud noises [1].

Ears can also become enlarged from infections like mumps or ear wax blockages. If the ear becomes stretched too much while it is trying to grow new cells to repair the damage then that could be another contributing factor. Sometimes something as benign as middle-aged hair growth in the ear canal will cause an increase in size.

Aside from external reasons like hearing loss or exposure to loud noise, many people say their ears seem to get bigger because they don’t use them as much now that they are older; lots of times people stop using their ears altogether when they get worn out from being on the go constantly (for work or leisure). When you take your feet off the pedal it’s natural for your body to redirect energy towards other parts such as digestion so your ears don’t receive enough exercise which can lead to congestion and eventually smaller Ears [2].

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When a puppy is born, their ears are still short and floppy. As they grow older, the ears will start to stand up and be more curled. Sometimes, theears might look like they have been cut or cropped at an odd angle. This is known as a teddy bear cut. Teddy bear cuts happen when the ears are not set in correctly or when one side of the ear is larger than the other. When this happens, it can cause noise pollution for the dog, since sound waves travel differently through different sized objects. A teddy bear cut can also be a sign of underlying health problems such as ear infection or malformation. If you notice that your puppy’s ears look like they have been cut or cropped, contact your veterinarian immediately to schedule a check-up.

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Do loud noises bother chickens? Yes, a lot of noise can bother them and make their lives difficult. Chickens perceive a lot of sounds as being unpleasant, including loud noises. This can lead to problems like farmers getting lost in the coops or birds flying into power lines.

One solution is to keep your poultry confined to specific areas so they don’t have to hear all the chaos going on outside. In addition, be sure to provide them with enough shelter from the elements and plenty of fresh food and water so they don’t feel hungry or thirsty.

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Ear mites are tiny critters that thrive in warm, moist environments like the ears of your dog. Adult ear mites number in the hundreds and can cause a host of problems for your four-legged friend, including poor hair coat, itching, crusting external ear tissue (otitis media), and even deafness.

Fortunately there is a very easy way to get rid of these pesky critters – just put your dog’s ears under a running faucet for about 30 seconds! This will clean out all the moisture and feces which ear mites love and will kill any currently active/living mites. If you notice any changes such as bad itching or discharge from the ears afterward it might be an indication that there are already plenty of ear mites present so it’s best to take preventive action by doing this before they become a problem.

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There is a big difference between rabbit and bunny! Rabbits are smaller than rabbits, like rats are smaller than cats. They have long ears and relatively short tails which they use to help them move quickly through their environment. Bunny s are bigger and have shorter ears, longer tails, and softer fur.

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