Gray cats with blue eyes are usually very playful and active. They enjoy playing, but they also have a quick reflexes and can jump onto a high surface to escape danger.

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Do Blue Eyes Run in Our Rabbit Families?
There is no precise answer, but blue eyes may be less common in rabbits than other mammals. A study from The Animal Kingdom TV show found that blue-eyed rabbits were only one-in-a-thousand and this suggest that natural selection for light coloring might have played a role. Scientists are still trying to figure out why blue eyes are rarer among the rabbit population, but one possibility is that intense sunlight could cause eye damage over time (particularly if there’s a familial history of eye disorders) or genetic mutations might occur leading to the development of blue eyes.
The best way to determine if your bunny has blue eyes is to take a close look at their irises when they’re being groomed or petted – Ideally you will see two different shades of brown within the pupil itself. If your bunny does have blue eyes, they should enjoy plenty of sunshine and fresh air as these factors help promote eye health.

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Are you a cat lady or guy? If so, chances are pretty high that you enjoy playing with your feline friend. What could be more fun than petting a purring ball of fluff while lasers dance around your head? Laser light may not seem like the safest thing for cats to play with, but there is actually no harm in it as long as things are kept low key and supervised. Cats have been shown to be naturally inquisitive and playful creatures and will love taking part in any activity that gets them moving and interacting with their environment.

If you choose to give your cat a laser experience of their own, there are some guidelines you should follow:

-Be aware of what’s going on around them – always keep an eye on your cat when playing with lasers as accidents can happen easily;
-Only use laser pointers that have been safety certified – these emit harmless red, green or purple light;
-Never point the laser at your cat’s eyes – this could cause serious injury; and finally,

Always keep playtime fun by incorporating some treats into the mix!

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Some people feel that blue eyes are the most attractive color. Others may find green to be more alluring. However, what eye color is most popular with men and women? According to a study from 2013, browneyes are said to be the most sought-after eye color, followed by gray and hazel eyes.

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A peacock can jump up to 10 feet into the air! This amazing bird is able to achieve this lofty height by spreading its wings out wide and using its feathers as springs. The force of their jump allows them to leap so high that they are able to clear fences and trees in their path.

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