The rarest duck is the Mandarin Duck. It is a type of Liu Hen, or common duck, that lives in mountainous areas near the Qinghai-Tibetanborder. The population of this bird is estimated at 1,000 to 2,000 and it is considered endangered.

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In 1987, a report surfaced stating that the Pekin duck was flightless. Although this information has been disproved, some people still believe it to be true. What evidence do they have to back up this claim? First of all, there is no anatomical evidence that the Pekin duck is flightless. Secondly, if the Pekin duck were reallyflightless, then its population would be in danger due to our aerial hunting economy and its limited habitat range. However, the population of Pekin ducks seems stable and there are even reports of them migrating further north latitude in recent years. Finally, many modern day domesticated breeds of ducks exhibit signs of being flighted- such as wing feathers- so it’s possible that the original varieties of Pekin ducks may not have had wings at all and simply lost them over time. So although we can’t prove for sure that the Pekin duck is not Flightless (based on anatomical features), based on the available evidence it seems likely that this species does not possess wings and thus cannot fly.

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The jungle fowl, Gallus gallus, is the national bird of Sri Lanka. It is a critically endangered bird species with a fragmented range that extends across tropical Asia and parts of Africa. There are several subspecies of the jungle fowl, including the nominate form found in Sri Lanka and other regions of south-east Asia. As with most wild birds, little is known about the flying abilities of jungle fowl. However, it has been estimated that they can fly up to 60 mph (97 km/h).

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The chicken is the most common bird in the world. It is estimated that there are around 20 billion chickens in the world. There are many different types of chickens, but the most common type is the egg-laying chicken.

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There are many types of ducks, including the American Bald Eagle, Muscovy Duck, and Muscovy Ducklings. There are also domesticated varieties, such as the Carpathian Duck and Seychelles Decoy Duck.

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