The lesson of rainbow fish is that if you have a dream, don’t let society tell you that it isn’t possible. Follow your dreams and never give up on them.

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“Small Fish Tanks are often called “kennel tanks”. These tanks hold few fish, but do provide a secured and spacious home for them. A small fish tank can be used to house any of your favorite tropical fish species.”

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Fish tanks come in all shapes and sizes, but which is the biggest you can get? The answer to this question depends on a couple of factors- namely how many fish you want to keep and what size tank you have available.
For general purposes, a 55 gallon or smaller fish tank is typically large enough for one or two small fish such as goldfish. A 75 or larger Tank may be more appropriate for keeping larger types of aquarium fishes including salmon, sharks etc. However, even a 120-150 gallon aquarium can house some really sizable fish – like saltwater grouper, barracuda and social bream (among others). So depending on your specific wants and needs – there’s no limit to the size of fish tank that you can purchase!

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Dream Alliance is one of the most popular ARPGs in the Android and iOS app stores, with over 5 million downloads. There have been rumors that the game’s developer, Netmarble Games, is shutting down the game studio. However, Dream Alliance’s community has rallied together to show their support for the game.

On December 11th 2017 it was announced that Netmarble Games had laid off 99% of its employees. This comes on the heels of a warning from ratings agency AGB who stated that they may lower Dream Alliance’s rating if they did not see improvements within 6 months. Thankfully, players showed their resolve by donating money to help keep Netmarble Games afloat during these tough times. Even Hideo Kojima himself offered his support by retweeting a message about how people need to donate to Dream Alliance’s official Twitter account for rewards in Metal Gear Survive which will come out later this month!

The reaction from the player base has been heartwarming. Players fought hard against Wargaming Private Ltd (makers of World of Tanks) when they tried to shut down their studio back in 2013 and we hope to see something similar happen here with Netmarble Games. If anything, this situation has shown us just how dedicated and passionate our community is when it comes to keeping games like Dream alliance alive!

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Do fish like bright lights? This is a question that has been on many people’s minds for years and the answer is still inconclusive. In some cases, it appears that certain types of fish are more afraid of light than others; however, there has yet to be a consensus on whether or not all Fish thrive in brightly lit environments.

One theory suggests that light exposes prey to predators and can disorient them – something which may scare away fish. Furthermore, artificial light can also disturb natural nightlife processes such as spawning and feeding patterns. Thus overall, while some fish may appear to prefer brighter lights, it is advised never to bother or endanger any aquatic creature by shining a bright light into their enclosure.

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