A flock of ravens or crows is called a “murder.”

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When it comes to keeping bird species, many homeowners flock to the common lovebird. The primary reason? They’re relatively inexpensive and easy keepers. But is that all there is to lovebirds? In a word: no.

Lovebirds have a lot going for them, including their colorful plumage, small size (less than 12 inches long), and sweet disposition. And they make wonderful pets! Here are three ways you can use lovebirds in your home:

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When it comes to keeping hermit crabs alive, it depends on the individual. However, generally speaking, hermit crabs are hardy creatures that can withstand a lot if properly cared for. The following are some tips on how to keep your hermit crab healthy and happy:

– Provide an appropriate habitat – Hermit crabs need a proper enclosure in which to live. A spacious tank with plenty of rocks and plant matter is ideal. Be sure to water the substrate regularly and add fresh food every day.

– Feed them well – Hermit crabs love snackies! In addition to fresh vegetables and fruit, give them crickets or cockroaches as regular mealtime treats.

– Watch out for predators – Make sure to watch out for potential predators such as gulls and crows at all times. If they get too close, scare them off by hissing or kicking aggressively.

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A big white sheepdog is typically called a lamba.

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It is called a “duckbilled platypus.”

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