The Florida scrub lizard is the most common type of lizard in the state. It is mostly gray or tan with a scattering of black spots on its back. They have large eyes and a long, slender tongue that they use to lick insects off of leaves. Unlike other lizards, Florida scrub lizards do not have eyelids, so their eyes are permanently open.

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The red-eyed crocodile skink (Elaphe oxyrinchus rufescens) is a species of lizard that can be found in Australia. The average size of this lizard is approximately 6 inches long, and they have distinctive red eyes. These lizards are carnivores that primarily eat small animals, such as mice and rats. Females typically lay 2-6 eggs per season, and the hatchlingsrowth period for these snakes can take up to 18 months

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There are many poisonous lizards in California, but the three most common ones are the Gila Monster, copperhead snake and cottonmouth. The Gila Monster is a small to medium-sized lizard that can grow to be over two feet long. It has a green or brown body with dark blotches and spikes along its back. The copperhead snake is a large member of the colubrid family and can average 12 to 18 inches in length, including its tail. It has a reddish-brown skin with black bands around its neck and eyes. The cottonmouth is one of the most venomous snakes in North America, with up to 2,000 megajoules of venom per bite (the equivalent of an elephant!). It has greenish-white skin with some black markings on its head and body. All three of these reptiles present risk for human poisonings if bitten:

The Gila Monster may cause severe brain swelling if it bites someone;
the copperhead snake can inject deadly neurotoxins into people if it bites them; while the cottonmouth can cause respiratory paralysis from total or partial envenomation (bite).

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Geckos and lizards differ in a few ways. Geckos have smooth, bumpy skin, while lizards have tough, scaly skin. Lizards also have backbones that run the length of their bodies, while geckos typically do not. Finally, geckos have eyes on stalks that help them see in dusk and dawn and lizards typically only have eyes located on the top of their head.

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The 100 foot snake is a massive Monitor lizard that can grow to be over 30 feet long. These lizards are found predominately in the central and eastern parts of America, as well as some areas in South America. They are also found in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Not much is known about these snakes for sure, but it is believed that they may play an important role in controlling populations of other creatures because of their size and strength.

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