There is no extinct breed of dog as claimed in this question. A breed is a group of domesticated animals that have descended from a common ancestor and are reproductively isolated from other breeds.

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There are a few extinct breeds of dogs that were once popular, but no longer exist. The Irish Wolfhound is one breed that was largely wiped out because they were hunted to near extinction in the 1800s. Spanish Water Dogs also went extinct due to over-hunting and neglect, while other breeds like the English Cocker Spaniel and Puerto Rican Hound are now considered rare or endangered. Though these breeds may be gone, their genes still live on in some current dog breeds like the Welsh Corgi and Beagle.

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There are a few breeds that most likely create the Bolognese dog, though this specific breed may not be directly descended from any single one of them. Some possible contenders for the Bolognese breed’s ancestry include Italian greyhounds, Gypsy horses, and pointy-eared dogs like bichons frises or poodles. What certain stylistic features make this type of dog unmistakable is hard to say definitively; some might say its elongated body, distinctive head shape (a long snout with a high forehead), large ears, and long tail are all defining traits. Whether or not these qualities can be traced back to a specific ancestor is up for debate – but what is indisputable is that these are all adorably quirky and unique dogs deserving of your attention!

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The blue heeler is a kangaroo from Australia that has several similarities with the dingo. First, like the dingo, the blue heeler has a long tail that it uses for balance while running. Second, both animals are scavengers and will eat anything they can find. Third, both animals have bright blue fur which helps them to camouflage themselves in their environment. Finally, researchers believe that some Australian blues may be descended from dogs that were domesticated by Aboriginal people thousands of years ago

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There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors, including the specific breeds of goats, their food and living conditions, and even individual goat’s health. However, some noteworthy goat breeds that have been reported to live longer than others include:

The Angora Goat – This breed is known for its exceptionally soft, silky hair and is commonly used in the knitting industry. Reports suggest that adult Angoras can typically survive on average between 10 and 12 years old.

The LaMancha Goat – This gentle livestock breed is considered by many to be one of the best milk producers available. They are also known for their long lifespan (upwards of 20 years), stout build, and resistance to diseases and parasites common in goats.

Scandinavian Red Cross Dairy Goats – These highly versatile goats are used extensively around the world as dairy animals, meat producing animals, or draft animals. Belonging to the Fiqhia Ismaili sect of Islam, these goats are particularly noted for their resilient immune system which helps them resist disease even during periods when other goat populations are more susceptible to infection.

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