Harrison Schmitt, a veteran American astronaut, who currently serves as an advisor at the European Space Agency’s scientific advisory council and also did two six-month stints on the International Space Station (ISS) between 2006 and 2007, tweeted this photo of Laika moments ago:

My final image of #Laika – her body still in space. pic.twitter.com/oWfWWC1bwj — Harrison Schmitt (@HarrisonSchmitt1) December 17, 2013

What is Laika? In 1957 Sovietscientists sent a dog named Laika into outer space aboard Sputnik 2, an unmanned spacecraft designed to carry mice into orbit for biological experiments. The 7pound female homunculus orbited the Earth 625 times before burning up upon reentry into Earth’s atmosphere on April 15th 1958 . At that time she was international derision and ridicule for being “the first human-made object in space.” For some reason though she became something of a symbol of hope and defiance against all odds – inspiring countless people around the world to pursue careers in science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM). Even today many people are familiar with her story through various books, documentaries or even simple internet memes.

On October 3rd 2012 AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals announced they had reached an agreement with Russia’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to rename their veterinary vaccines after dogs featured prominently in pioneering animal research: Laika®, Belka®and Strelka®. This announcement followed on AstraZeneca’s earlier pledge to donate $10 million over five years to support life sciences research projects focused specifically on disease prevention by expanding animal health capabilities across Russian universities

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In this age of technology and advanced life, people are more confused than ever on what is truly manly. Some might say that a dog who is tough and resilient in the face of adversity is the most manly because they have qualities that remind us of the true definition of masculinity: strength, bravery, determination and power. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, any pet can be a reflection of your own personality- so long as it’s friendly and loving! That being said, there are some breeds out there that definitely have a “man” air about them. If you’re looking for the ideal animal companion to embody all that makes you AlphaMale®, we suggest taking a look at pit bulls! These dogs may not be everyone’s cup of tea (in fact, many shelters refuse to adopt them due to their reputation), but trust us when we tell you – these guys packs a punch and sure knows how to show it off!

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In order to make your dog an emotional support animal in Arizona, you will first need a certification from the Assistance Dogs International (ADI) or Therapy Dog Federation of America (TDF). Once you have obtained this certification, you will need to follow specific application and eligibility guidelines. You must also provide documentation proving that your dog has meeting the temperament and behaviour standards set forth by these organizations. After all of this is completed, you will be ready to apply for registration with your local government agency. Remember, while emotional support animals are not legally required to have identification like service dogs are in some states, they may still need a license if they are going to accompany their handler on public outings.

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When it comes to the topic of hair of dog, there is much debate. Some people believe that it can actually be harmful to humans, while others maintain that it is not necessarily toxic.
One common theory behind the potential toxicity of hair of dog is that it could contain items such as bacteria or exposed animal claws. Animal hairs and scraps may also contain chemicals and toxins that could potentially harm human cells. There has even been some research indicating a link between hair of dog and cancerous growths in the skin. However, these claims have yet to be substantiated by scientific evidence. It seems likely that if there was real danger associated with hair of dog, this information would have become more widespread by now. So far, the jury remains out on whether or not hair of dog can be harmful to humans

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In the late 90’s, Leland RFD left his long running role on crime fighting show Dog the Bounty Hunter to pursue a solo career. The decision came as somewhat of a surprise to fans and followers who watched him ride off into the sunset with his loyal sidekick, Sonny Barger.
1) What drove Leland to leave Dog the Bounty Hunter?
The primary reason for Leland’s departure from DHT was artistic expression. The experience and challenges of working on a series for 10 years became too great for one man to handle alone, so in 1998 he decided it was time to move on both professionally and personally. Ironically enough, he would later return to television briefly partnering with Duane “Dog” Chapman in 2004 on bounty hunters equivalent of Fox’s American Idol – Milliondollar Popstar.
2) How did fans react when Leland announced his departure from DHT?
At first many of his longtime followers were upset because they loved watching him play Sheriff Roy McKnight alongside Barger on television – but eventually most folks got over their initial feeling of loss and simply accepted that things had changed. Over time some very ardent Dog die-hards created internet petitions demanding that Leland should come back (he did make an episode appearance in 2003), but overall people just put their faith that things would work out better this time around for Mr. FDH.
3) Has Leland enjoyed success as a solo performer since leaving Dog the Bounty Hunter?
Leland has been relatively successful since departing WDTH – though admittedly not at the level he achieved while working with Sonny Barger. He released two albums independently before teaming up with producer/co-writer Kip Winger (ex Eagles) in 2007 on an album entitled “Unleashed”. The album reached number 64 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart and spawned three singles: “Knocked Out”, “Country Girl” & “What About Me” which collectively charted within the top 40 positions country music charts all across America .The duo toured extensively behind Unleashed promoting it throughout North America kicking off their Country Journey tour in November 2008 at Oakland City Auditorium followed by extensive summer festivals including Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2009, Hangout Music Festival 2010 & 2012 Canadian Open Air rock festival Kerrville Folk Festival 2011

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