Dream Alliance is one of the most popular ARPGs in the Android and iOS app stores, with over 5 million downloads. There have been rumors that the game’s developer, Netmarble Games, is shutting down the game studio. However, Dream Alliance’s community has rallied together to show their support for the game.

On December 11th 2017 it was announced that Netmarble Games had laid off 99% of its employees. This comes on the heels of a warning from ratings agency AGB who stated that they may lower Dream Alliance’s rating if they did not see improvements within 6 months. Thankfully, players showed their resolve by donating money to help keep Netmarble Games afloat during these tough times. Even Hideo Kojima himself offered his support by retweeting a message about how people need to donate to Dream Alliance’s official Twitter account for rewards in Metal Gear Survive which will come out later this month!

The reaction from the player base has been heartwarming. Players fought hard against Wargaming Private Ltd (makers of World of Tanks) when they tried to shut down their studio back in 2013 and we hope to see something similar happen here with Netmarble Games. If anything, this situation has shown us just how dedicated and passionate our community is when it comes to keeping games like Dream alliance alive!

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There are many horse breeds out there, but which ones are the most popular? Here are the five most popular horse breeds in the U.S., according to Equine Welfare Alliance’s 2016 census: registered Thoroughbreds, Appaloosa horses, Morgan horses, Paint horses, and Clydesdales.

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LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters are three of the five players on the Cleveland Cavaliers who account for more than one-third of all postseason shots made. The Cavaliers ranked 29th in defensive efficiency last season and lost six games by 20 or more points. In game 7 of the Finals, they held off the Golden State Warriors despite being outrebounded 49 to 46 and having 3 fewer assists.
Injuries have been a major issue for Cleveland this year. Sasha Kaun was originally expected to start at power forward, but he has played just seven minutes due to an ankle injury. He is doubtful for tonight’s game against Atlanta. Kevin Love has missed 19 games due to various injuries including a concussion. J.R Smith has dealt with jumperricks his entire career but this year opponents seem to be able to take him down easily in the post which hurts his production (41% field goal shooting). Isaiah Thomas was supposed to provide depth at point guard, but he is also dealing with injuries that have kept him out since mid-November including lower back pain and pneumonia. With all these injured players, it is no surprise that Cleveland ranks 26th in defensive efficiency at 104 Points per 100 possessions (PPP).
James Against Atlanta – Derrick Favors might not be a household name like Anthony Davis or DeAndre Jordan, but he is nevertheless one of best interior defenders in the NBA and should matchup quite well against LeBron James who averages over 38 minutes per game*. In their first meeting this season, Favors posted 24 points on 10-of-19 shooting with 12 rebounds and 2 blocked shots while James scored 28 points on 8-of-20 shooting with 11 assists*]. This matchup will be key as it could potentially decide whether or not James can lead Cavs past Atlanta into second round where they would likely meet either Boston Celtics or Milwaukee Bucks hottest teams right now**.*Stats taken from RealGM
Kyrie Irving vs Orlando – Over their last six meetings spanning Anderson Varejao absence Kyrie Irving averaged 34 points on 58% shooting**), 6 rebounds*, 5 assists*), 1 steal*. This matchup should also be close as both players are shooters that rely heavily on jumpers*** so defense will play a big role in determining winner*****.*Stats taken from RealGM
Dion Waiters vs Detroit Pistons – Waiters averages 27 points on 47% shooting**), 3 rebounds*, 3 assists*), 1 block*. If benches can manage some contribution offensively then Cavs might manage to pull through*****.*Stats taken from DraftKings

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There is no one answer to this question, as the decision of whether or not to use training treats will depend on a variety of factors related to your dog’s individual personality and behavior. However, some general points worth considering include:

-Are you comfortable providing treats as a form of positive reinforcement? If so, then using them in training may be helpful; dogs tend to respond better when they feel rewarded for good behavior.

-Do the rewards that you provide have the desired effect (i.e., teaching your dog what he or she needs to do)? Using foods or other forms of excitement (such as fireworks) as rewards can often be more effective than giving treats alone; by adding an unpredictable element, it provides a further incentive for your pet to behave. In cases where the desired behavior isn’t being exhibited regularly enough, withholding treat rewards can sometimes help increase motivation.

-Keep in mind that too much sugar/cod liver oil -like treats can actually have negative effects on canine dental health; choose treats that are low in sugar/fat content if you’re worried about this issue.

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Pleco is a cost-effective fishkeeping app found on the App Store and Google Play. The Pleco app is designed to help keep your aquarium healthy and running smoothly by providing you with daily tracking of water temperatures, CO2 levels, ammonia levels, photos of your tank and more! Additionally, the Pleco app provides easy access to knowledgeable community members who can offer tips and advice specific to your aquarium setup. Pricing for the Pleco app begins at $4.99/month or $39/year.

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