A Kangal is a unit of currency used in India. The Indian Rupee is divided into 100 paise, and the US Dollar is divided into 100 cents. One British Pound Sterling consists of 100 pence.

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Hawaii is an archipelago that consists of five main islands: Hawaii, Kaua’i, Niʻihau, Oʻahu and Molokaʻi.

The larger islands are older and have more substantial volcanoes than the smaller ones. The larger islands are also divided into several distinct highlands with valleys and plateaus in between. Hawaii overall has a much higher rainfall rate than the other islands – 4,000 to 8,000 millimeters per year on average – due to its proximity to the tropics. This high rainfallSupportive Environment for Agricultural Production (SEAP) makes agriculture one of the primary economic activities in Hawai`i.

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Indian ringnecks are a long-lived pet snake, typically living for 10 to 12 years. However, as with all animals, some snakes can live much longer and there are examples of Indian ringnecks that have lived up to 24 years or even more in captivity.

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There are over a dozen goat breeds found in India. The following are some of the more common ones:
The Bunder Fainting Goats (SCR) is the most commonly kept breed of goat in India and Africa. They weigh up to 55 kg and can be grey, black, or white with patches of coloured skin. They are used for dairy production but can also be used for meat.
The Dhund Gazelle Goat (Hyderabad) is a rare breed that originates from Hyderabad, Telangana state in southern India. These goats have a pygmy body type and a long fleece which makes them excellent at warmth insulation and water collection. The Dhund Gazelle Goat can reach weights up to 190 kg!
Buckram Goats (Kerala) are lightly built goats that are reddish brown in colour with distinctive black markings across their heads and shoulders. Their horns grow slowly so they’re not typically hunted for their horns – they’re mainly used as dairy goats within Kerala due to their hardiness and prolific milk production.
Lake Sindhu Angora Goats (Uttar Pradesh) come from the cold mountainous regions near Mount Abu in Uttar Pradesh state in northern India where it gets very cold winters (-5C to -15C). Because Lake Sindhu Angora Goats thrive in these conditions they have extremely heavy wool coats – up to 2kg per animal – which makes them one of the warmest types of goat out there!

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The rarest color of Indian ringneck is yellow.

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