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There are a few ways to make your hamster hide. The easiest way is to just use an old cardboard box or paper towel tube. Cut the desired size and shape for your hamster, then cut holes in the top and sides. Cover the hole on one side with some of the material, making sure that there is enough so that your hamster can sit up and see out but not so much that they can escape (you may want to tape it down if necessary). Make two or three more like this, covering all of the open sides, then place them in a secure location for your pet.

Worth knowing

Worth knowing

One way to make your window cat friendly is to keep food and water dishes out of reach and provide a comfortable-sized litter box. If your cat isORE aggressive when you try to catch them, try using treats or playing with them gently before trying to catch them. Monty the cat learned this the hard way! You can also use a screen enclosure or fence around your patio or deck if needed.

Worth knowing

If you have a couch in your home that is used for sleeping, it is important to take the necessary steps to make sure it does not have bed bugs. There are a few things you can do to make sure:

First and foremost, if you’ve ever slept on the couch before, consider doing so again while making sure to get an insecticide treatment on any furniture that may be infested. Bed bugs prefer dirty areas so getting rid of all of the clutter and fresh coats of paint will help reduce their chances of thriving.

Next, inspect the seams in your furniture for any signs of bug activity. Look for small red dots or blood spots where they may have been travelling between crevices. If there are none found, then your furniture may be safe but still cover it with a protective cover such as plastic wrap or duct tape when not in use. Check yourself periodically for the tell-tale bites on both arms or legs but don’t forget about those pesky faces and bellies! Bedbugs like to hide near hairline cracks and folds on skin so it’s especially important to check these places frequently during peak bug season (which typically runs from May through September).

Last but not least….check under your mattresses! Bedbugs love hiding in seams around headboards, foot boards and other soft areas near sleeping spots so making sure there are no lurking pests could mean saving yourself some pain down the line!

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