The age of a fantail goldfish can be determined by their scales. Older fish have more finely scaled skin, while younger fish have less well-scaled skin. Additionally, the bones in a fantail’s tail will gradually grow larger as they mature. Finally, some people believe that the coloration of a fantail goldfish may change with age as well – older fish tend to be darker in color than younger ones.

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Fish tanks come in all shapes and sizes, but which is the biggest you can get? The answer to this question depends on a couple of factors- namely how many fish you want to keep and what size tank you have available.
For general purposes, a 55 gallon or smaller fish tank is typically large enough for one or two small fish such as goldfish. A 75 or larger Tank may be more appropriate for keeping larger types of aquarium fishes including salmon, sharks etc. However, even a 120-150 gallon aquarium can house some really sizable fish – like saltwater grouper, barracuda and social bream (among others). So depending on your specific wants and needs – there’s no limit to the size of fish tank that you can purchase!

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Goldfish are a common type of fish and there are many different kinds. Some goldfish varieties include the comet, denver, golden, fancy

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Goldfish are one of the smartest vertebrate animals on Earth, capable of learning and problem-solving quickly. In 2010, Japanese researchers tested a group of goldfish in an underwater maze that required them to find a way out. The fish managed to figure out the best route in just 12 minutes – significantly faster than any other species of fish tested!

One possible explanation for this impressive intelligence is that goldfish have massive brains relative to their body size. A goldfish brain is around two-thirds the size of a human brain, yet they can still solve complex problems and remember information for years. This large cerebral cortex may helpgoldfish better process incoming information and make decisions quickly.

Further evidence suggests that goldfish are quite smart when it comes to problem solving: they’ve been shown to be able to learn how to open watertight containers and escape from nets, something no other species has been recorded doing successfully. Even more impressively, they can do this even if they’re not raised with these tools as part of their environment – indicating that they have innate knowledge about how to solve these challenges.

While we still don’t know exactly why goldfish are so intelligent, our findings suggest that大型鳥類與小型鳥類之差異,其實在於大型鳥類的腦部形態。一般來說,大型鳥類的腦部視野覺知能力強于小型鳥類。據說,一隻正常白天活動的歐美金牲士卵巢容量達到770裏(35公分),而惠氏王子 (Hemizomenus rex) 卵巢容量

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All Maine Coons are born with curly tails and fluffy fur, but as they mature, some may become quite large. Some of the larger Maine Coons can weigh up to 15 pounds or more. However, not all of them will grow to be so big, and there is no real standard for how big a Maine Coon can get.

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