Rabbits have a hydration requirement of around 80–120 milliliters per kilogram body weight, which is greater than most other small mammals. However, they can go without water at night if their environment is sufficiently damp and there is ample food availability. If rabbits are denied access to water during the day and then give them access to fresh water at night, it may help replenish lost fluids overnight.

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When it comes to guinea pigs, every body is different and what works for one might not work for another. Some people feed their guinea pigs a wide variety of things like fruits, vegetables, hay, cereal, peanuts and other types of pellets but others may choose to just give them a steady diet of small amounts of fresh veggies and fruit.

One thing that is always recommended though is that the guinea pig always have access to fresh water in addition to their food.

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One of the most important pieces of equipment for any indoor rabbit is their cage. As a lifelong animal lover, one of my goals has been to create bunny-proof spaces for all my pets – and I’m happy to say that Indoor rabbits are no exception!

There are a few things you should always put in an indoor rabbit’s cage: fresh hay, straw, some type ofcovering (a large piece of cloth or fleece), and a water dish. Fresh hay is essential for keeping your bunny healthy, as they cannot digest dry food as well as they can wet food. Straw keeps them comfortable since they tend to burrow underneath it; and if your bunny doesn’t have a designated spot under the straw to sleep in, you can also use it as toileting material. A covering helps keep their cages clean – rabbits like to lay down on the floor so make sure there’s plenty of space beneath the covering so they can do this comfortably. Lastly, provide your bunny with plenty of water – their diet consists largely of water so making sure they have access to it throughout the day is key.

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There are many different types of food you can give a wild hedgehog. You can give them fresh fruit, vegetables, grains (such as oatmeal or couscous), pellets, and water.

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When it comes to favorite snacks, rabbits definitely have their own preferences. One food they really love is cookies – especially chocolate ones! Sometimes when we give them a cookie, they will eat the whole thing right away, but oftentimes they will leave some behind for later. Generally speaking, we think that rabbits enjoy cookies just as much as people do!

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