Old English sheepdogs are gentle and loving animals. They make great pets for families who want an easy-going dog that doesn’t require a lot of exercise. Old English sheepdogs can typically be lively and playful, but they also have a mellow side which makes them good candidates for novice pet owners. Some people do find these dogs to be stubborn at times, however obedience training can help take care of that issue. Old English Sheepdog puppies are also active and playful, so you’ll likely get years of enjoyment from owning one of these breeds as a pet

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Anyone who’s ever had a dog or any pet for that matter knows how much work it is to keep them healthy, happy and well- adjusted. And with pets that require lots of exercise, one obvious solution is to get them a dog or a cat. However, if you’re someone who likes their convenience and doesn’t want the hassle of taking care of a furry friend, there are other options available as well. One such option is an English pointer breed of dog.

The English pointer is one of the oldest breeds in the world and was originally bred as a hunting animal. They have an instinctual love for water and will definitely enjoy spending time playing in your pool or river on hot summer days! But beyond just being active kennelsitters, English pointers can also be great family pets. They’re gentle giants Kodi won’t hurt you – unlike some breeds considered “Protective”, like Rottweilers – so they’ll make good protectors for kids or other pets in your home. What’s more, they tend to be quite intelligent which means they’ll likely be able to learn obedience commands relatively easily; something that’s handy if you have multiple dogs in your home!. Overall, if you’re looking for an obedient household pet that enjoys plenty of activity but doesn’t require too much attention (or noise), an English pointer might be the perfect choice for you!

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If you are looking for a pet that your 12 year old will love, the best option may be a dog. There are many dogs available that would be perfect for a child this age, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the more common breeds of dogs that are good choices for kids 12 and older include Beagles, Belgian Malinois, Cocker Spaniels, Jack Russell Terriers, Labradors, Poodles and Shetland Sheepdogs. Of course, there are many other types of dogs available as well – so it is important to do your research before settling on one particular type or breed.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a dog for your child is their size. Many smaller dogs can get along well with children if raised from young enough; however some giant breeds (e.g., German Shepherds) can be too big or too aggressive for younger children without appropriate training. Additionally, some smaller breeds (like Yorkies) can be very active and require plenty of exercise; while larger breeds (e.g., Irish Setters) may not need as much exercise but mayrequire more time being played with once they’re fixed up by their new owner/kid sister/brother. In the end it’s important to find an appropriately-sized pup that both you and your kid will enjoy!

Another consideration when picking out a pet for a 12 year old is their temperament – which we’ll cover in greater detail below

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Both golden retrievers and German shepherds are smart, playful dogs that make great mixes. They share many common traits such as being loyal companions, avid hunters, and good at entertaining children.

However, there are a few things to consider before bringing these two breeds together. First of all, the golden retriever is somewhat more laid-back than the German shepherd. This means that a mix between the two might not be as bickering and rough as you’d expect from their respective breeds. In fact, most mixtures seem to enjoy moderate amounts of wrestling and chaos in their lives!

Another consideration is obedience training. A German shepherd tends to be more obedient than a golden retriever, but both dogs will need some basic obedience commands if they’re going to live in a household where other people are present (e.g., kids). Golden retrievers tend not to be as good at sit/stay or come when called compared to most German shepherds—this may also need to be taken into account if you have other canine companions around your house. On the whole though, teaching your golden retriever and german shepherd mix how to behave properly should not be too difficult provided you have patience!

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There are many breeds of dogs, but the Shepadoodle is one of the most popular. They are originally from China and were bred to be extra-calm and gentle. Some people might say that Shepadoodles are too calm, but others find them to be very relaxing pets.

Some people do not like how mellow some Shepadoodle owners can be and vice versa. That being said, most people who have a Shepadoodle love them for their laid-back personalities! They will rarely get excited or bark uncontrollably; they tend to stay calm even during chaos or when they’re with new people or animals.

Sheepadoodles make great family dogs because of their docile nature and because they are so patient with children. Their default reaction is usually not to react at all which creates an environment that kids can trust – teaching good bite inhibition skills early on in life is key! Owners report that shePadoodles shed minimally; may require a brush once every six weeks; do well in moderate climates; moderately athletic/active as they enjoy walks however housebreaking needs continued training may also occur – See more at: http://www.petoftheday101.com/dog-breeds/sheepadoodle/-a1422369#sthash .lpYLxI2O6

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