Chameleons do not naturally occur in the United States, so it is unclear if they are found in America. Reports from people who have seen chameleons in America suggest that they may be rare, but possible.

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One of the most typically seen species when it comes to color in chameleons are the happy chameleons. These reptiles come in all sorts of colors, many of which make them very fashionable as pets.
Q: What do happy chameleons look like?
A: Happy chameleons come in a variety of colors and patterns, making them an attractive choice for those looking for a pet. Sometimes these snakes can be brightly colored with large highlights and other times they may have subtle hues that work well together. Some common patterns seen on happy chameleons include stripes, spots, bars, checks or solid lines. Regardless of the design, each animal is unique and will bring something different to your reptile collection

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Galloway cattle are a large, lumbering breed of white-meat cattle used throughout the United States for their meat and milk production. Galloways typically weigh around 1,800 pounds at maturity and can grow to be up to 10 feet tall at the shoulders. Belted galloways originate from Texas, but they are now found in many other states as well.

Galloway cattle use the wide open spaces of the American Southwest and Central Plains to thrive. These grassy areas provide plenty of sources of forage, water, shelter from harsh weather conditions, and space to roam free. The open range lifestyle is what makes galloway beef so unique – unlike other beef breeds that are raised primarily in close quarters on large feedlots, galloway cows are allowed to roam naturally over extensive acreages. This allows for a more diverse diet that includes things like grasses, shrubs, and succulent desert plants which adds flavor and nutrients not found in grain-based diets common elsewhere. In addition to grazing near self sufficient forages patches or pastures fenced with wood or barbed wire (), these animals also enjoy access to streams where they can drink cool fresh water () during summertime months ().

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One species of Chameleon that is quite small in size lives in Madagascar. These chameleons called Brookesia micropus are just 3 inches long total and weigh only 8 grams! Scientists believe that this relatively small size might help protect these chameleons from becoming prey for larger animals.

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There are apparently very few places in the United States where quaker parrots are not legal, but they are still considered an exotic animal. While they may be allowed in some states, many others have specific laws against them. In Illinois, for example, they are classified as a game species and therefore illegal to keep without a license.

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