US inflation slows but still remains high 13.09.2022

Breaking News: Consumer prices increased 8.3% in year to year comparison. It’s less than four-decade highest level of 9.1% inflation that was printed in June but still, inflation remains at high levels. Core price inflation printed increase 0.6% from July to August. What is inflation? The inflation rate is the percentage rate of change of … Czytaj dalej

Is Lido worth visiting in Venice?

Is Lido worth visiting in Venice? Venice is a unique place. There is no other city like it in the world. With its incredible canals and bridges, Venice is a place to go when you want to see something truly outstanding. But Venice is not only about its canals. There is so much more to … Czytaj dalej

What is Dresden best known for?

Dresden is best known for the Frauenkirche, which is the symbol of the city. This church was completely destroyed in the second world war, but it was rebuilt in the last few years. Since the reconstruction, the Frauenkirche has been a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Dresden is also famous for … Czytaj dalej

Is Toledo worth visiting?

I think so. Toledo is the city of Spanish history. It was the capital of Spain from the 5th to the 15th century. I would say Toledo is a must see place in Spain. When I was there, I did a walking tour. The first place we went was to the cathedral. I love cathedrals … Czytaj dalej

Is Basel Switzerland worth visiting?

Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland. Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland. It is located near the border with France and Germany. Basel is a multicultural city, where nearly 40% of the inhabitants are not Swiss citizens. Basel has a long history. Basel is one of the oldest cities in Switzerland, … Czytaj dalej

Best Way to Clean Makeup Brushes

To keep your brushes clean and working properly, it’s important to clean them regularly. Any makeup artist will tell you that cleaning your brushes is an essential part of your beauty routine. Consider these facts: Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells throughout the day. These dead cells and oil get trapped in makeup brushes. … Czytaj dalej

What is the best VPN for Netflix in 2022?

Netflix is the most popular streaming service worldwide. It’s the most popular streaming service in the world. It offers a huge catalog of TV shows and movies, but unfortunately, it’s not available everywhere. Netflix’s library of content is different depending on the country you’re in, and that’s because of licensing agreements. That means that if … Czytaj dalej